Duncan Ward

Commercial Property Consultant Solicitor

0207 841 1188
/ 07770 577 274
116–118 Chancery Lane
/ London
/ WC2A 1PP

What I Do


The hot property topic of the moment: Will the Bank renew its property loans? I am talking to my clients about this potentially tricky, certainly expensive, but critical topic. If your lawyer isn’t talking to you, I am more than happy to.

Property Investment

Property investment can be risky, and I have the experience to know the pitfalls and to be able to advise you on what’s relevant, what’s essential and how to increase capital value in the future.Following the credit crunch the banks’ attitudes have hardened and it’s often difficult to find funding. I am happy to negotiate with banks on behalf of my clients.

Shopping Centres and Shops

Retail property involves specific legal issues. My knowledge of the industry combined with a very commercial approach gets my clients successful results.

Property Developers

“Property development” covers a whole range of activites, from buying a house and giving it a makeover to buying land and obtaining consent for a new housing estate or a building development. Whichever end of the market you operate in, you’ll need an experienced lawyer to ensure that your project runs smoothly and successfully.

I can offer specialist advice to entrepreneurs, landowners and those involved in private or public funding of property development, and I take a commercially focused, innovative approach to get the results you need.

The best way to judge an artist is by his work. That goes for lawyers too, so the following pages give you some examples of mine.