Duncan Ward

Commercial Property Consultant Solicitor

0207 841 1188
/ 07770 577 274
116–118 Chancery Lane
/ London
/ WC2A 1PP

The Way I Work

I believe that your lawyer should be there to help you get things done, not to slow you down. There’s no need to work with a lawyer who has you tearing your hair out in frustration because you’re being prevented from taking your next step.

I enjoy my work and I think it shows. I’ll take your problem, deal with it and invoice you, as any other lawyer would do. But I really like getting involved and sorting out the issues. Some lawyers don’t take calls and don’t return calls. I always try to be available, and if not I always return your calls. That’s why you get my home and mobile numbers as part of the deal.

I deal with the whole spectrum of commercial property work, from strategic land promotion through development to the sale and purchase of investment properties. I have developed a reputation for taking on complex deals and resolving the issues

I don't think I'm important; I think you are.

“An experienced city-based commerical property lawyer, with strong local connections. Duncan takes responsibility and always goes the extra mile; he's refreshingly different.”

— Simon Lewis, Director Cheffins Commercial