Duncan Ward

Commercial Property Consultant Solicitor

0207 841 1188
/ 07770 577 274
116–118 Chancery Lane
/ London
/ WC2A 1PP

I’m a lawyer specialising in Real Estate with over 25 years experience in commercial property matters, serving property clients throughout the country. Having worked in the City, the Provinces and Local Government I have exceptionally broad experience in the different ways of providing legal services, helping understand your needs and deliver in a way appropriate to you.

I am a Consultant Property Solicitor at Cubism Law in London. Cubism is a new type of law firm, structured to provide quality consultation and service at a fair price.

This site gives more detail about how I work and what I do. I work differently to other lawyers, seeing myself as part of my client’s team; getting involved, taking responsibility. If my services and approach might benefit your business please give me a call. I am always happy to talk, and I’m not the sort of lawyer who starts the clock when I pick up the phone.

If you wold like more information or to talk through a deal or an issue concerning you, feel free to phone or email.

“Over the years I have dealt with Duncan I have found him to be an innovative lawyer who thinks outside the box.”

— Mike Moult, Chartered Surveyor of Wattsdown Limited